Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hibiscus tea to lower blood pressure

Drinking tea made from flowers of the hibiscus shrub may help cut blood pressure, a study has shown. Just three cups of hibiscus tea a day were shown to reduce the blood pressure of people at risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease in a study.

The drink contains extracts from the hibiscus sabdariffa flower, which boasts antioxidants that help to rid the body of harmful free radicals – destructive molecules that damage cells and DNA.

Studies have linked antioxidants to many health benefits, including protection against heart disease and cancer.

The hibiscus tea research was carried out by nutrition scientist Diane McKay and presented to the American Heart Association's annual conference.
Sixty-five people aged between 30 and 70 with blood pressure levels that put them in the "at risk" bracket were split into two groups. The first group drank hibiscus three times a day and the second group were given a placebo.

Sherldine Tomlinson.