In collaboration with Tomlinson Lifestyle Medicine Consulting, the Heart Health Initiative and Research are dedicated to supporting cardiovascular risk communities to live healthier, happier and longer lives through our heart health wellness schemes. We seek to contribute to building sustainable community-based heart wellness programmes, promoting advocacy and health policies and interpreting issues on the research about cardiovascular risk communities, specifically those of African descent heart health status.

Often racialised and ethnic group's health issues are ignored, and little research is done to investigate their health status. The available mainstream health resources or services also does not meet these population cultural needs, values and beliefs. It is essential we provide long-lasting health care services and wellness care aimed at these groups for better health outcome. 


We strive to help eliminate cardiovascular health risk and overall health disparities within racialised and ethnic groups by implementing culturally appropriate heart wellness schemes while encouraging a lifestyle of active living and healthy eating. Additionally, we disseminate relevant and current research on heart health wellness and information about heart disease treatment, management and prevention and cardiac rehabilitation. 

Sherldine Tomlinson, MSc, R.Kin.

Medical Disclaimer

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